On-Site Safe Rigging Clinics

Crosby hosts on-site safe rigging clinics across North America and the United Kingdom. The custom-designed Rig Safe, Rig Smart Truck (North America) and Rig Safe, Rig Smart Trailer (Europe) delivers valuable, practical hands-on rigging training and Crosby product demonstrations at your job site.

Live load demonstrations are conducted by Crosby trainers, offering insights into key aspects of safe, effective, and efficient rigging best practices. Each attendee will have an opportunity to learn from the pros and share their knowledge and experience during the visit.

Crosby Truck3
Rig Safe Trailer Landing Page
Rig Safe, Rig Smart Truck (available in the US and Canada)


Rig Safe, Rig Smart Trailer (available in Europe)
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  • Site supervisors
  • Safety professionals
  • Riggers
  • Crane operators


What WE'LL Cover

  • 30–45 minute toolbox talk
  • Product proof testing
  • Live load cell demonstration
  • Product application training


Request an on-site clinic

Thank you for your interest in hosting a training clinic at your job site. Due to current travel restrictions and other safety protocols in place, we may not be able to visit your area at this time. However, please complete the form below, and we will be in contact with you to discuss options.

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